Classic Eyelash Extensions

At Bronze Avenue, Eyelash Extensions on the Northern Beaches have never been better! With advanced training and experience and we have our own academy, you can be assured that your eyes are in the best possible hands. 


After an initial consultation, a Bronze Avenue Eyelash Extension technician will create a look to suit you & your desired results. We listen and will also recommend what should or should not be done to ensure your natural lashes are not jepordised! 


From glamorous, to sexy, romantic to natural eyelash extensions, we can deliver your request.


Your Bronze Avenue Eyelash Extension treatment is not your ordinary treatment.  ALL full priced Eyelash Extension treatments include a complementary lash shampoo for greater retention. (Valued @ $40)

Award eyelash extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions are the perfect choice for people who want to ditch their mascara & wake up beautiful! Classic extensions are when 1 extensions is placed on 1 natural lash and provides the wearer with thicker, longer lashes, starting from a subtle 50 Lashes per Eye to the 100 LPE for head turning lashes, extra volume and longevity.

From a subtle 50 LPE (Lashes per Eye) in Classic Lash Extensions to a Full Set of Russian Volume lashes, Bronze Avenue can achieve your desired look & provide you with the perfect lash result.

50 LPE (Lashes per Eye) - 45mins

For a subtle enhanced look, choose 50 Lashes Per Eye or the Half Set. Approximately 40-50% of your natural lashes are lashed and provide a gentle enhancement.



70 LPE (Lashes per Eye) - 60mins

70 LPE gives approx. 60-70% coverage of their natural lashes. Otherwise known as a 3/4 Set, 70LPE gives a fuller look whilst still very natural and beautiful.



100 LPE (Lashes per Eye) - 75mins

100 LPE is Bronze Avenue's recommendation for all ladies. It can provide 80-100% coverage and gives a beautiful full look and also provides longevity.



Lash Lift of Natural Lashes - 60min

If Extensions aren't for you then you have to try a Lash Lift!! A Lash Lift gently lifts your natural lashes so you can show off what you've got naturally. Included is a complimentary Lash Tint if required.



Russian Volume

2D / 3D - 1hr 30mins

Russian Volume 2D & 3D is created when a fan of either 2 or 3 super fine lashes are applied giving a soft, feathery look whilst filling in any natural gaps & providing maximum volume.



Russian Volume 4D/5D/6D - 2hrs 30mins

For even more added va va voom, go volume to the extreme with 4D up to 6D lash extensions. These lashes are the creme de la creme of extensions and will be turning heads wherever you go.



Pre Made Volume Fans 3D / 4D - 1hr 30min

As their name suggests, these volume fans are already pre made & offers the "time poor" customer the option of still achieving the volume and impact they desire in a shorter appointment time.



Mixed Set - Classic & Russian - 1hr 45mins

Get the best of both worlds with a mixed set of Classic and Russian Volume. This lash synergy offers a beautiful and eye catching result and is a favourite with the Bronze Avenue staff.



Russian Volume is the latest technique where 2 fine lash extensions (or even up to 6 lashes) are place on 1 natural lash providing a soft, romantic, feathery look perfect for the beautiful bride, maybe that special occasion or even just every day wear for someone who likes to make a statement. ​

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

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